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  • Pamela Glazer Architect | Hamptons NY

    Pamela Glazer is an award winning architect based in the Hamptons, NY Pamela Glazer has an innovative approach to architecture that combines elements of both modern and traditional design, and a unique ability to integrate sustainability into her plans. The practice has made exceptional and innovative contributions to housing design throughout the Hamptons, including built projects in Southampton, East Hampton, Montauk and Sag Harbor. ​ The firm designs residential and commercial spaces with dynamic designs that offer a better way of life. Her scope of work includes: custom homes, restaurants, offices, retail space, schools, and libraries. ​ Design and build process ​ Glazer offers you a one-to-one approach that is 100% customized. Her goal isn't just to provide you with an outstanding design, but to be your partner during an exciting journey from concept to completion. This is done with a level of service that extends beyond producing plans. ​ ​ Pamela Glazer and her team are also invaluable in these complicated times of zoning requirements, building codes, health department permits, building permits, contractor communication, and associated costs, when it is wise to have a professional on your side. ​ Residential architecture ​ Glazer understands the importance of designing a home that allows owners to experience the beauty, light and views of the Hamptons both inside and outside the entire space. Whether a house renovation or a new architectural project , she begins with a comprehensive visit to the site. The landscape is studied in detail to ensure that the building is positioned in the most thoughtful and unique way possible, incorporating the natural landscape and its elements. Pamela Glazer’s projects have been featured in: The New York Times, Hamptons Magazine, Beach, Curbed Hamptons, Dan’s Papers, and The East Hampton Star ​ Pamela Glazer Voted Best Hamptons Architect - 2020

  • Rhum Restaurant | Pamela Glazer Architect

    Rhum Restaurant Seats: 147 seats Size: 5500 Sq Ft Location: Patchogue, NY Contractor: Atlantic Contracting - Dave Seiglinger Patchogue is known for its vibrant nightlife. What was once a two-story Thai restaurant was bought and converted into a Caribbean themed restaurant called Rhum. The owner of Rhum wanted a restaurant that was playful, fun and full of life with music traveling throughout the building. There is a sense of openness throughout the building's design, allowing fun and music to flow from the ground level all the way up to the roof space, as well as allowing lovely light to penetrate all the way down to the ground floor through the large skylight. The first floor facade was changed to have two large garage doors, allowing the tables to extend onto the sidewalk during the summer. Rhum was the first restaurant in Patchogue to have a rooftop dining area, designed by Pamela Glazer, and it has since proven to be extremely successful. The rooftop dining area provided customers with an entirely novel dining experience, which was well-received by the local community and resulted in increased revenue for the restaurant. ​ ​ Glazer knew that an essential part of the design was to ensure that the kitchen was able to facilitate quick turnover times as well as the handling of a large volume of food for the three-story building. Consequently, the kitchen was designed to maximize efficiency and accommodate high demand. Glazer created a color scheme that complimented the owner's sea, sun, and surf theme. She achieved this goal by combining warm and cool colors to capture the atmosphere of the restaurant, creating a space that people would want to linger in. The unpretentious and relaxed vibe of the restaurant along with its fantastic drinks and food has kept the restaurant busy at all times of the day and night.

  • Upcoming-Knoll Road | Pamela Glazer Architect

    Knoll Road An accessory building for sports is added to a waterfront home.

  • Far Pond | Pamela Glazer Architect

    Far Pond Size: 5000 Sq Ft Plot: .75 acre Location: Southampton, NY Reclaimed Beams from Keystone Vintage Lumber 5 bedrooms Architecture for water front conservation Owners of a modest 1960s cottage in Southampton had ambitious plans to transform their property into a luxurious waterfront home for their family, and were seeking the right architect. ​ When architect Pamela Glazer got their call, she toured the site and was astonished that the original small house had no waterfront views. Considering the limitations created by the wetland setbacks, Glazer had to develop a thoughtful plan to increase the size of the home. This plan ensured that all prominent rooms would have a water view and the best of contemporary architecture and modern convenience. Through design and construction, the waterfront was enhanced by removing as many impervious surfaces as possible to maintain the conservation of the water front and the plant life. ​ The resulting 5,000 square-foot home kept the original footprint of the previous small house, the existing pool, pool house and garage. What had been the small house was rebuilt to become the main living and dining space and further extensions increased the home to three times its original size. ​ ​ The best of contemporary and rustic design In the newly constructed larger house, a deck surrounds the two-story living room, enhancing the water view. Beams from an old barn w ere used in the construction of the living room, which has a rustic fireplace and a soaring tongue and groove ceiling. Luxurious contemporary features and furnishings throughout the house add comfort to the enlarged house with five bedrooms and four and a half baths. The pool has an updated pool house with trellis and gardens. ​ The highly integrated and seamlessly designed house delighted the family. One of their special pleasures is looking out at the bay from the expansive windows in the living area and bedrooms. ​ “The water became an integral part of the living experience, and it is possible to see views of the water from all sides of the living room. It’s as if the sun sets in the room” ​ ​ – Pamela Glazer

  • Aqua Drive Waterfront | Pamela Glazer Architect

    Aqua Drive Size: 6500 Sq Ft Plot: .5 acre 5 bedrooms Location: Shinnecock Hills, NY Contractor: Blair Dibble Builders Custom Kitchen Design: Moss Fauset Furniture Makers Reclaimed Beams from Keystone Vintage Lumber ​ Architectural luxury This traditional Hamptons style waterfront home blends modern architectural luxury with reclaimed wood beams to create a relaxed environment for living and entertaining. Pamela Glazer designed the house for clients who value an outdoor lifestyle, and ensured that the sea views were maximized while maintaining an exceptional level of privacy. There are balconies on all floors on the waterfront side of the house, allowing for a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors. ​ Water views ​ A key feature of the main outdoor balcony is the sliding barn door, which can be opened and closed according to weather conditions. As a result, it is possible to spend time outside throughout the year, including periods of cold weather. Throughout the house, the contemporary design is reflected in the use of high quality materials to create a light and airy atmosphere. The use of reclaimed beams, tongue and groove, and a ship's ladder are subtle references to shipbuilding and the sea, and lead to the widow's walk, where the owners can watch the night sky or enjoy the view of the ocean. An open rafter tail and a special cut have been designed into the balcony roofs in order to provide visual interest. Practicality and privacy T he street side of the house serves as the entrance and was designe d to accommodate the utilitarian functions of the house. The garage connects to the house via a breezeway and there is an additional utility room. Glazer designed the entrance to facilitate everyday activities, such as taking off shoes and coats, bringing in groceries, and receiving deliveries. While the view of the water is immediate from the moment you enter the house, a slight dip in the floor level maintains privacy for those sitting in the living room. “My goal as an architect is to make my clients' houses really usable in every way, shape and form. I try to think of all the possibilities I can design to answer their lifestyle needs. In the case of this house on Aqua Drive, my clients are from California and are accustomed to a very outdoor lifestyle. They prefer to eat outside as much as possible, so I thought of ways I could design the house to prolong that for them well past the summer months.” ​ – Pamela Glazer

  • Noyack Road | Pamela Glazer Architect

    Noyack Road Size: 2,183 Sq Ft Plot: 1 acre Location: Sag Harbor, NY Contractor: Blair Dibble Builders Reclaimed Beams from Keystone Vintage Lumber ​ A modern barn house design built with sustainable materials A couple requested a modern barn design for their weekend country house with an emphasis on an open living space for entertaining friends. This resulted in a thoughtfully designed home with many details, including a central wood burning fireplace that is visible from all points in the house, and an open plan living, dining, and kitchen area that is warm and welcoming. ​ The site presented some initial challenges as the ground sloped, causing water to flow into the basement. The previous house had been built at the bottom of the slope and had become damp as a consequence. It was decided it would be more beneficial to knock down the old house and site the new house higher on the property. ​ The architectural design responded to the realities of the residential location and the clients' needs for quiet and privacy. This contemporary barn is characterized by the double height sliding barn doors at the front, which open to an inner courtyard tiled with hexagonal terracotta tiles and the entrance to the house. The barn doors play an instrumental role in providing soundproofing and privacy from passing cars and passersby on such a busy road. This is especially true during the summer when traffic is frequently backed up. ​ The barn doors are made from 'Mushroom Wood', a material that comes from crates used to grow mushrooms. The acid from the mushrooms penetrates through the wood and preserves it making it very tough, textural and weather resistant. This is a not only a great way to recycle from an earlier agricultural use, it's also very economical and sustainable. ​ ​ Ergonomic design within a contemporary home The house was built according to Glazer's precise architectural design using salvaged beams from a 100-year-old barn that had been torn down, and solid mortise and tenon pegs were used to secure the beams. Mushroom wood was also used in the interior of the house as a screen in the dining room. The combination of rustic charm, Japanese design elements, and modern convenience results in a warm, contemporary home. ​ The clients spent the period of lockdown during the pandemic living in the barn, and had this to say about their experience: ​ "The house had risen to the challenge of supporting us in its new role as a pandemic bunker in a way we never could have expected. From a practical standpoint, we found that the house possessed ergonomic simplicity that enabled us to seamlessly transition to a full-time live-work scenario. The house literally calmed us as the world outside seemed to fall apart, providing a radiant soothing energy that literally helped us get through the day. We found ourselves thinking about our house, our home, with tremendous gratitude to it – and to Pam for her design vision – for being our lifeboat as we charted the crisis until with great reluctance we were obliged to leave our heartwarming shelter for NYC once more."

  • Profile | Pamela Glazer Architect

    About Pamela Glazer, Architect Pamela Glazer has risen to prominence as one of the East End’s most sought-after architects, known for her impeccable aesthetic with a focus on environmentally thoughtful designs. Her innovative approach to architecture combines elements of both modern and traditional design, with a unique ability to integrate them both as well as sustainability into her plans. Inspired by the beauty of the Hamptons, Ms. Glazer carefully consider a site’s light and views, aiming to situate a building to take the best advantage of nature’s assets. Without a need to proclaim a singular style, Glazer is free to incorporate the requests and tastes of her clients into the final plan. Glazer and her team tailor spaces to the lifestyle of those who will live and work there, offering service at a level above and beyond client expectations. With an environmental consciousness, Ms. Glazer often repurposes materials to stunning effect. Clients call her a creative visionary; Glazer says she is just looking to “make some magic happen.” The firm has designed residences and commercial spaces, all of which provide dynamic designs that offer the opportunity for a better way of living. Her scope of work includes: custom homes, restaurants, offices, retail space, schools, libraries and hospitality. Projects have been featured in The New York Times, Hamptons Magazine, Beach, Curbed Hamptons, Dan’s Papers, and The East Hampton Star, among others. In 2021, she was voted “Best of the Best” in Dan’s Papers for South Fork Architect. Design approach Pamela Glazer begins her process with a visit to the client’s current home. She asks thoughtful questions about the client’s priorities and lifestyle. Discussing seemingly small details – be it having coffee in the morning or bringing in the groceries – is part of her perceptive and clever approach to defining solutions that highlight the power of great design to support comfort and ease. She offers skilled perceptions about the larger issues, such as outdoor entertaining or maintaining a home office, which have become so relevant. Acutely aware of the landscape where the home will be situated, Ms. Glazer studies the terrain to develop the most thoughtful positioning of the home, one that incorporates the beauty and elemental features of the natural setting. With her research completed, Ms. Glazer and her team tailor a design that is in sync with how the client actually lives – and with their hopes and dreams for the future. She will also work to develop a sustainable home, one that will seamlessly save energy costs in the long run.

  • News and Features | Pamela Glazer Architect

    News and Publications Click on the images to link to news articles about us. Download a PDF of the article Download a PDF of the article Download a PDF of the article Download a PDF of the article Download a PDF of the article Download a PDF of the article

  • Yamuna Studio NYC | Pamela Glazer Architect

    Yamuna Studio Size: 3000 Sq Ft Location: Greenwich Village, New York City ​ Interior design of wellness studio in NYC A serendipitous meeting with Pamela Glazer and the owner of Yamuna Studio led to Glazer designing her new we llness space in New York City. The client's remarkable bodywork involves using specialized therapy balls to treat specific body parts. Yamuna's owner sought to expand her business and found a converted car garage in Manhattan to be the ideal location. The facility was converted to include a large studio, two small studios, three treatment rooms with dressing rooms, an office, a full kitchen, and lockers with showers for men and women. ​ ​ The concept of the studio design was to reflect the bodywork journey, such as the circular entryway where clients would enter from one direction and exit from another. Glazer chose to display the therapy balls as sculptures in the entrance lobby as they are indicative of the specialist type of body work in the studio. The main hallway had a curving wall that had a tight bend at the beginning. It gradually became longer and wider as it continued, mimicking the unfolding of muscles during the treatment process. The owner loved Jerusalem stone, which was used extensively in the studio flooring. Areas that would see a great deal of foot traffic were protected with cork cut to the edges of the stone. The studio was very popular and helped many people achieve long-term wellness.

  • Shinnecock Hills | Pamela Glazer Architect

    Shinnecock Hills–under construction Size: 5500 Sq Ft Plot: .5 acre 6 bedrooms Location: Shinnecock Hills, Southampton, NY Contractor: Blair Dibble Builder ​ It was the clients' desire to have a large modern home for entertaining in the Hamptons. It will have six bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms, an open plan kitchen, dining, and living area. A primary bedroom with an office, a walk-in closet, and a luxury bathroom. A stunning view of the water can be enjoyed from every floor. The roof deck view is spectacular. A double-height music room was designed specifically for their large Steinway piano and includes a hanging fireplace. Additionally, the pool area includes an outdoor kitchen/bar pool house and an outdoor shower for an exceptional lifestyle. ​ ​ The site presented significant challenges due to the existing foundation and framing of an abandoned architectural project from ten years ago. Upon examination of the foundations, Glazer discovered that they were not square and designed with a series of odd angles. After adjusting the previous foundation designs, she was able to fulfill the clients' request to expand the existing site to accommodate the larger footprint. Pamela Glazer used environmentally friendly materials such as recycled cement panels which she framed with wood to soften the look.

  • Swarovski NYC | Pamela Glazer Architect

    Swarovski Size: 2 Floors 3000 Sq Ft per floor Location: 57th Street, New York City Contractor: Galina Morein Interior design for corporate headquarters Pamela Glazer was commissioned to create an interior design for two floors of the Swarovski corporate headquarters in New York. The project consisted of a complete renovation, including a new office, conference rooms and kitchen. Glazer also incorporated a significant number of Swarovski's luxurious lighting fixtures and wallpapers that use crystals in their designs, the companies specialty. ​ Throughout the office, the Knoll "Antenna" furniture system was utilized. It is designed with integral channels for providing internet and electricity to conceal all wiring. This kept the office clear of clutter and chaos caused by wires. To provide noise privacy, soundproofed modesty panels were installed at the desks. ​ ​

  • Cowfish Renovation | Pamela Glazer Architect

    Cowfish Restaurant Size: Main Restaurant – 300 seats, Pavilion Bar – 30 seats Location: Hampton Bays, NY Polygal translucent roof Architectural solutions for a Hamptons restaurant ​ An example of how contemporary architecture can create an iconic landmark and social destination is the open-air pavilion of Cowfish Restaurant, located in Hampton Bays. ​ The owners of Cowfish restaurant required a major renovation and redesign of the main building which was in a state of disrepair and had been leaking heavily. In addition, they desired to develop an open-air architectural space that would serve as a bar during the summer months, so customers could take advantage of the scenic waterfront views. ​ Surrounded by water on 3 sides of the Shinnecock Canal, Pamela Glazer’s architecture for the pavilion reflects the design of the boats docked nearby. ​ Innovative design and materials In order to make the building hurricane-proof, it needed innovative materials that could withstand winds of up to 130 mph without walls. ​ Due to the integrity of the design and the materials used, both Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Ida were no match for the structure and it remained intact. ​ While the entire bar is open during operation, it can be locked and watertight after hours and during the off season. All the ceiling and side panels are translucent, allowing this nightspot to shine like a beacon after dark. ​ There is no doubt that The Cowfish has become one of the most popular bars and restaurants in the Hamptons, with its great drinks, food, and exceptional views provided within a striking architectural setting.

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