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  • Pamela Glazer Architect | Hamptons NY

    Pamela Glazer is an award winning architect based in the Hamptons, NY Pamela Glazer has an innovative approach to architecture that combines elements of both modern and traditional design, and a unique ability to integrate sustainability into her plans. The practice has made exceptional and innovative contributions to housing design throughout the Hamptons, including built projects in Southampton, East Hampton, Montauk and Sag Harbor. ​ The firm designs residential and commercial spaces with dynamic designs that offer a better way of life. Her scope of work includes: custom homes, restaurants, offices, retail space, schools, and libraries. ​ Design and build process ​ Glazer offers you a one-to-one approach that is 100% customized. Her goal isn't just to provide you with an outstanding design, but to be your partner during an exciting journey from concept to completion. This is done with a level of service that extends beyond producing plans. ​ ​ Pamela Glazer and her team are also invaluable in these complicated times of zoning requirements, building codes, health department permits, building permits, contractor communication, and associated costs, when it is wise to have a professional on your side. ​ Residential architecture ​ Glazer understands the importance of designing a home that allows owners to experience the beauty, light and views of the Hamptons both inside and outside the entire space. Whether a house renovation or a new architectural project , she begins with a comprehensive visit to the site. The landscape is studied in detail to ensure that the building is positioned in the most thoughtful and unique way possible, incorporating the natural landscape and its elements. Pamela Glazer’s projects have been featured in: The New York Times, Hamptons Magazine, Beach, Curbed Hamptons, Dan’s Papers, and The East Hampton Star ​ Pamela Glazer Voted Best Hamptons Architect - 2020

  • Yamuna Studio NYC | Pamela Glazer Architect

    Yamuna Studio Size: 3000 Sq Ft Location: Greenwich Village, New York City ​ Interior design of wellness studio in NYC A serendipitous meeting with Pamela Glazer and the owner of Yamuna Studio led to Glazer designing her new we llness space in New York City. The client's remarkable bodywork involves using specialized therapy balls to treat specific body parts. Yamuna's owner sought to expand her business and found a converted car garage in Manhattan to be the ideal location. The facility was converted to include a large studio, two small studios, three treatment rooms with dressing rooms, an office, a full kitchen, and lockers with showers for men and women. ​ ​ The concept of the studio design was to reflect the bodywork journey, such as the circular entryway where clients would enter from one direction and exit from another. Glazer chose to display the therapy balls as sculptures in the entrance lobby as they are indicative of the specialist type of body work in the studio. The main hallway had a curving wall that had a tight bend at the beginning. It gradually became longer and wider as it continued, mimicking the unfolding of muscles during the treatment process. The owner loved Jerusalem stone, which was used extensively in the studio flooring. Areas that would see a great deal of foot traffic were protected with cork cut to the edges of the stone. The studio was very popular and helped many people achieve long-term wellness.

  • Upcoming-Knoll Road | Pamela Glazer Architect

    Knoll Road An accessory building for sports is added to a waterfront home.

  • Shinnecock Hills | Pamela Glazer Architect

    Shinnecock Hills–under construction Size: 5500 Sq Ft Plot: .5 acre 6 bedrooms Location: Shinnecock Hills, Southampton, NY Contractor: Blair Dibble Builder ​ It was the clients' desire to have a large modern home for entertaining in the Hamptons. It will have six bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms, an open plan kitchen, dining, and living area. A primary bedroom with an office, a walk-in closet, and a luxury bathroom. A stunning view of the water can be enjoyed from every floor. The roof deck view is spectacular. A double-height music room was designed specifically for their large Steinway piano and includes a hanging fireplace. Additionally, the pool area includes an outdoor kitchen/bar pool house and an outdoor shower for an exceptional lifestyle. ​ ​ The site presented significant challenges due to the existing foundation and framing of an abandoned architectural project from ten years ago. Upon examination of the foundations, Glazer discovered that they were not square and designed with a series of odd angles. After adjusting the previous foundation designs, she was able to fulfill the clients' request to expand the existing site to accommodate the larger footprint. Pamela Glazer used environmentally friendly materials such as recycled cement panels which she framed with wood to soften the look.

  • Swarovski NYC | Pamela Glazer Architect

    Swarovski Size: 2 Floors 3000 Sq Ft per floor Location: 57th Street, New York City Contractor: Galina Morein Interior design for corporate headquarters Pamela Glazer was commissioned to create an interior design for two floors of the Swarovski corporate headquarters in New York. The project consisted of a complete renovation, including a new office, conference rooms and kitchen. Glazer also incorporated a significant number of Swarovski's luxurious lighting fixtures and wallpapers that use crystals in their designs, the companies specialty. ​ Throughout the office, the Knoll "Antenna" furniture system was utilized. It is designed with integral channels for providing internet and electricity to conceal all wiring. This kept the office clear of clutter and chaos caused by wires. To provide noise privacy, soundproofed modesty panels were installed at the desks. ​ ​

  • Cowfish Renovation | Pamela Glazer Architect

    Cowfish Restaurant Size: Main Restaurant – 300 seats, Pavilion Bar – 30 seats Location: Hampton Bays, NY Polygal translucent roof Architectural solutions for a Hamptons restaurant ​ An example of how contemporary architecture can create an iconic landmark and social destination is the open-air pavilion of Cowfish Restaurant, located in Hampton Bays. ​ The owners of Cowfish restaurant required a major renovation and redesign of the main building which was in a state of disrepair and had been leaking heavily. In addition, they desired to develop an open-air architectural space that would serve as a bar during the summer months, so customers could take advantage of the scenic waterfront views. ​ Surrounded by water on 3 sides of the Shinnecock Canal, Pamela Glazer’s architecture for the pavilion reflects the design of the boats docked nearby. ​ Innovative design and materials In order to make the building hurricane-proof, it needed innovative materials that could withstand winds of up to 130 mph without walls. ​ Due to the integrity of the design and the materials used, both Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Ida were no match for the structure and it remained intact. ​ While the entire bar is open during operation, it can be locked and watertight after hours and during the off season. All the ceiling and side panels are translucent, allowing this nightspot to shine like a beacon after dark. ​ There is no doubt that The Cowfish has become one of the most popular bars and restaurants in the Hamptons, with its great drinks, food, and exceptional views provided within a striking architectural setting.

  • Rhum Restaurant | Pamela Glazer Architect

    Rhum Restaurant Seats: 147 seats Size: 5500 Sq Ft Location: Patchogue, NY Contractor: Atlantic Contracting - Dave Seiglinger Patchogue is known for its vibrant nightlife. What was once a two-story Thai restaurant was bought and converted into a Caribbean themed restaurant called Rhum. The owner of Rhum wanted a restaurant that was playful, fun and full of life with music traveling throughout the building. There is a sense of openness throughout the building's design, allowing fun and music to flow from the ground level all the way up to the roof space, as well as allowing lovely light to penetrate all the way down to the ground floor through the large skylight. The first floor facade was changed to have two large garage doors, allowing the tables to extend onto the sidewalk during the summer. Rhum was the first restaurant in Patchogue to have a rooftop dining area, designed by Pamela Glazer, and it has since proven to be extremely successful. The rooftop dining area provided customers with an entirely novel dining experience, which was well-received by the local community and resulted in increased revenue for the restaurant. ​ ​ Glazer knew that an essential part of the design was to ensure that the kitchen was able to facilitate quick turnover times as well as the handling of a large volume of food for the three-story building. Consequently, the kitchen was designed to maximize efficiency and accommodate high demand. Glazer created a color scheme that complimented the owner's sea, sun, and surf theme. She achieved this goal by combining warm and cool colors to capture the atmosphere of the restaurant, creating a space that people would want to linger in. The unpretentious and relaxed vibe of the restaurant along with its fantastic drinks and food has kept the restaurant busy at all times of the day and night.

  • River Avenue | Pamela Glazer Architect

    River Avenue Pamela Glazer uses her architectural skills to identify the most suitable solutions for her clients when they need their home to be redesigned. In order to make the most of her limited budget, the owner of River Avenue was open to being playful and creative with the renovation. ​ There are a number of houses in the Hamptons that were constructed as kit homes and development projects during the 1970s and 1980s. Contractors built the house for a quick profit, with almost no regard to where it was situated on the plot of land. ​ The property on River Avenue was built along wetlands, with a koi pond at the rear of the property. The front door and driveway were on the opposite sides of the house and there were some very clumsy aspects to the overall appearance and function. The entire three-bedroom house was renovated to a modern architectural standard that also reflected the unique charm of the owner. A new spacious entrance foyer was built, and the bathroom was bumped out to accommodate a full size bath. A wraparound deck was added to the edge of the revegetated wetlands. The interior for the house reflects the client's desire for a fun and funky interior with lots of color and unconventional furnishings. As the previous owner had recently carpeted the stairway with leopard print, and the budget was tight, it was decided to leave that as a talking point until a later date when it could be replaced. One of the most satisfying aspects of the project was to remediate the vegetation outside the house, first by removing the koi pond (and rehoming the fish) and planting appropriately for the wetland environment with wild plants that would thrive and help with conservation efforts. ​ It was due to the remediation that permission was granted to build the deck, which, in conjunction with the planting, creates a delightful and relaxing outdoor space. ​ ​ Plot: 1 acre Location: Eastport, NY 3 bedrooms Contractor: Blair Dibble Builders ​ ​

  • East 2nd Street | Pamela Glazer Architect

    East 2nd Street Size: 400 Sq Ft 1 bedroom Location: New York City, NY Contractor: Blair Dibble Builders ​ Interior design solutions transform a downtown Manhattan a partm e nt When a small East Village apartment in NYC was bought for a very low price, it soon became obvious why. The list of problems and design flaws was endless, and included no gas connection for the stove, a toilet built halfway into a wall and numerous structural issues. It takes a lot of skill, drive, and commitment to tackle projects like this. An architect like Pamela Glazer is capable of devising modern and innovative solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems and creating great interior designs. Glazer resolved all structural and functional problems before renovating this dilapidated New York apartment into a sleek, modern one-bedroom. With clever design, Glazer created an apartment that achieves some practical luxury within a downtown lifestyle by including a walk-in closet, zinc countertops in the kitchen and a full bathroom with washer and dryer (which is an uncommon luxury in New York apartments). The overall result made the initial investment well worthwhile and has proven to be a great apartment for living in. ​ ​

  • Mecox Road | Pamela Glazer Architect

    Mecox Road Size: 3600 Sq Ft Plot: 2 acres Location: Watermill, NY Contractor: Blair Dibble Builder Harmonious and balanced house renovation This charming old farmhouse with a stone foundation dates from the early 1800s. Set on a vast 2 acre plot surrounded by apple orchards, it enjoys a distant ocean view and constant refreshing breezes. ​ Over the years, a number of piecemeal additions had been made to the original house, some of which were not up to standard. The house's owner had lived in it for many years and loved its farmhouse character. Although the house had to be modernized to meet current standards, she wanted a seamless addition to preserve the rustic farmhouse look. A key objective for Pamela Glazer in the design of the addition was to achieve a more harmonious and balanced appearance, so that it appeared as though it had been built in this manner from the beginning. ​ ​ Sympathetic building materials Glazer made excellent use of materials that were sympathetic to those that were used historically for the original house, such as cedar shingles that would gain a silver patina over time. ​ The addition to the house included a master bedroom on the second floor, which had a bathroom en suite as well as a walk-in closet. Also off the master bedroom is a wrap-around deck that leads out to one of the most stunning views in the house. The owners often entertain large gatherings of people, and a large welcoming hardwood deck was created off the first floor of the house in order to enable this with ease.

  • Jefferson Road | Pamela Glazer Architect

    Jefferson Road Size: 2000 Sq Ft Plot: .25 acre Location: Montauk, NY Contractor: Blair Dibble Builder A young client wanted a casual, relaxed style for the architectural renovation of their newly purchased house. They were seeking a style that reflected the lifestyle and surf culture of Montauk, while keeping building costs down. A significant challenge arose from the fact that the house had been constructed of two prefabricated houses that had been joined together but were starting to separate. The chimney was also in danger of collapsing, so a lot of work was needed to regain the structural integrity of the house. While surveying the roof of the house, Pamela Glazer was able to see the ocean, which inspired her to incorporate a roof deck with a staircase leading to it. In Glazer's opinion, if a water view is possible from the house, it should be integrated into its architectural design if possible. The architectural redesign included an enclosed entrance with a porch and foyer for practical things such as coats, shoes and sports equipment to be left. In the light and bright open-plan living area, there are l arge industrial windows. These windows have been painted a beautiful shade of blue, evoking the seaside. They allow a great deal of natural light to enter the room and provide a wonderful view of the magnificent tree that resides outside the house. ​ ​ An 'outer bump-out' in the bathroom enabled a freestanding bath to be installed with a customised pebble inlay on the surrounding floor. These pebbles were cut to fit into the wood floor, giving the floor a beautiful transition between natural materials. There is a den on the top floor which can be used primarily as a lounge room during the day. This can be transformed into a spare bedroom during the night with plenty of privacy via the sliding doors overlooking the living room. Every room of the house has harmonious yet thoughtful design elements, creating a peaceful and calm atmosphere ideal for weekend getaways in Montauk.

  • East 10th Street | Pamela Glazer Architect

    East 10th Street Size: 1400 Sq Ft 2 B edrooms Location: Greenwich Village, New York City Contractor: Conte Builders - Nova Miroita ​ Architectural interior design Pamela Glazer provided contemporary interior design as well as a total refurbishment of this two-bedroom apartment located in Manhattan's downtown district. Previously, this property was owned by the client's mother, who passed it on to her daughter. Her mother was a prominent figure in the New York art world. After living in the apartment since the 1960s, she decided to move on to a new home and a new life. Throughout her life, the client's mother led a very eclectic and bohemian lifestyle that included collecting and traveling. After taking possession of the space, the client immediately noticed that it was in urgent need of renovation. Although her mother had filled the apartment with numerous wonderful modern artworks, it was in poor condition. The walls were painted in intense primary colors, and the utilities were in need of upgrading. ​ ​ Modernising a New York apartment The kitchen was opened up into the living area to make for a more light-filled and social space for cooking and entertaining. The bathroom was given a thorough and elegant makeover with a full bath installed for added luxury. The guest bedroom and bath were separated for privacy. Furniture and decor were selected in sophisticated shades of black, white and neutrals to create a serene and calm atmosphere to display the owner's art collection. The fire surround was stripped with meticulous care, and the chimney breast was covered with leather tiles. The cat's litter tray was housed in a cupboard, and a design feature hole was cut into the door for easy access. The result is an elegant apartment fit for the twenty-first century and cats. ​ ​ ​

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