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  • Pamela Glazer Architect | Hamptons NY

    Pamela Glazer is an award winning architect based in the Hamptons, NY Pamela Glazer has an innovative approach to architecture that combines elements of both modern and traditional design, and a unique ability to integrate sustainability into her plans. The practice has made exceptional and innovative contributions to housing design throughout the Hamptons, including built projects in Southampton, East Hampton, Montauk and Sag Harbor. ​ The firm designs residential and commercial spaces with dynamic designs that offer a better way of life. Her scope of work includes: custom homes, restaurants, offices, retail space, schools, and libraries. ​ Design and build process ​ Glazer offers you a one-to-one approach that is 100% customized. Her goal isn't just to provide you with an outstanding design, but to be your partner during an exciting journey from concept to completion. This is done with a level of service that extends beyond producing plans. ​ ​ Pamela Glazer and her team are also invaluable in these complicated times of zoning requirements, building codes, health department permits, building permits, contractor communication, and associated costs, when it is wise to have a professional on your side. ​ Residential architecture ​ Glazer understands the importance of designing a home that allows owners to experience the beauty, light and views of the Hamptons both inside and outside the entire space. Whether a house renovation or a new architectural project , she begins with a comprehensive visit to the site. The landscape is studied in detail to ensure that the building is positioned in the most thoughtful and unique way possible, incorporating the natural landscape and its elements. Pamela Glazer’s projects have been featured in: The New York Times, Hamptons Magazine, Beach, Curbed Hamptons, Dan’s Papers, and The East Hampton Star ​ Pamela Glazer Voted Best Hamptons Architect - 2020

  • Knoll Road | Pamela Glazer Architect

    Knoll Road Size: 4500 Sq Ft Plot: 1.5 acres Location: Shinnecock Hills Contractor: George Vickers Blending architectural styles, materials and colors When Pamela Glazer designed a house for herself, she made sure that it included everything she and her husband wanted in a home. Her design maximized the plot's location on a very hilly site with an exceptionally beautiful view. Glazer was able to design unobstructed water views for all the rooms of the house with the exception of the guest bedroom. The courtyard entrance was constructed using natural stone dug into the landscape. Glazer wished to maintain as many existing plantings as possible during the build. A variety of plants were used to fill any gaps created during the construction process so the house and garden would appear established and natural. The house displays Glazer's passion for both color and the blending of architectural styles. Combining industrial elements with Hampton shingle design along with bursts of color. The aim was to both harmonize with the landscape with tones of green, and make a distinctive statement with the red trim on the windows. The design of the roof was emphasized with a stainless steel chimney and revealing the roof lattice structure by cutting back the shingles. It was essential that the entrance be both singular and welcoming, regardless of whether one entered wearing muddy shoes or as a guest at a dinner party. It is also framed with forty-year old wisteria vines obtained from an old estate that has continued to envelope the poole side of the house. As a person who is passionate about sports and swimming, Glazer had a sixty-foot swimming pool built that also does not require any chemicals to maintain the water. Doors lead directly from the master bedroom to the pool, which is ideal for early morning swims followed by a recessed stone outdoor shower. A very talented landscaper designed the garden beyond the pool in such a way that the surrounding foliage changes color each month, adding delight to the view. ​ ​ A kitchen for cooking, a home for living Internally the open floor plan features two seating areas and a television space that is separated from the entryway. This gives a view into the living room, while allowing privacy for those seated. Glazer chose a traditional colonial red for much of the interior which gives warmth and definition to the spaces within and is a counterpoint to the industrial elements, such as the mesh balustrades and industrial lights fixtures. The kitchen was designed as a cook's kitchen' as Glazer has a great love of cooking and entertaining at home. She designed the substantial island, which was built by a specialist cabinet maker, to ensure that everything was easily accessible and available. Meals for up to twenty guests were easy to prepare in the kitchen. In addition to the indoor kitchen, there is a screen porch with a stone cooking fire place, used often for slow roasting and grilling pizzas. One of the most notable features of the house are the large beams that were used in its construction. A timely phone call from a cabinet maker that Glazer had used alerted her to the opportunity to purchase beams from the partial demolition of the Philadelphia Academy of Music. It just so happened that she had the drawings for the house on her desk, and the purchase of the beams became a defining feature of the house. There was much care taken in choosing each beam in order to ensure that it had unique detail and character, resulting in an attractive interior. Knoll Road embodies many of Pamela Glazer's architectural passions and skills. This means that a house serves not only as an aesthetic statement, but also as a useful and comfortable dwelling that brings delight to its occupants. ​

  • Wills Point Road | Pamela Glazer Architect

    Wills Point Road Size: 7600 Sq Ft Plot: 1.75 acre Location: Montauk, NY Contractor: Men at Work Construction Waterfront views for Montauk house Glazer's architectural renovation of this waterfront home in the Hamptons included a total reorganization of the downstairs layout to take full advantage of the stunning water views. Built in the 1990s, the existing house had an interior layout that blocked views of the water and Gardiners Island. The living room and dining room of the house both faced the street. Utilitarian rooms were located between them and a dark kitchen that overlooked the water had a very modest window over the sink. The upstairs master bedroom had a small high window and the master bath had only a tiny window in a closed-off toilet. One small bedroom had the only deck overlooking the water, which seemed odd. Pamela Glazer's suggestion that the layout be turned 180° was met with delight by the owners. All the social areas throughout the house, including the living and dining rooms, all now face the water. Sliding glass doors open to an expansive deck that provides additional space for living and entertaining. A drop down screen on the deck makes it possible to turn it into a screened porch. ​ ​ Luxury gym with spa At the front of the house, where the living and dining rooms once stood, a large, bright and airy kitchen was constructed. Glazer removed a wall and lowered the level of the living room to allow an unobstructed view of the water upon entering. One of the most prominent features of the master bedroom is its structural beams as well as the large deck that overlooks the water. A large set of double pocket doors opens up the master bath to the view outside. The center of the room features a glass box for the shower, which allows the bath tub on the other side of the room to see the water view. One of the owners is a competitive triathlete who needed a space to work out and recover. Glazer opened up the basement to the outside and created a luxurious gym, and spa suite so they could train properly. Among its amenities are a waterfall shower leading into the spa area, a relaxing room, a massage room, a sauna, and a steam room. The spa area is designed to provide the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation experience, for clients' rigorous training schedules.

  • Aqua Drive Waterfront | Pamela Glazer Architect

    Aqua Drive Size: 6500 Sq Ft Plot: .5 acre 5 bedrooms Location: Shinnecock Hills, NY Contractor: Blair Dibble Builders Custom Kitchen Design: Moss Fauset Furniture Makers Reclaimed Beams from Keystone Vintage Lumber ​ Architectural luxury This traditional Hamptons style waterfront home blends modern architectural luxury with reclaimed wood beams to create a relaxed environment for living and entertaining. Pamela Glazer designed the house for clients who value an outdoor lifestyle, and ensured that the sea views were maximized while maintaining an exceptional level of privacy. There are balconies on all floors on the waterfront side of the house, allowing for a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors. ​ Water views ​ A key feature of the main outdoor balcony is the sliding barn door, which can be opened and closed according to weather conditions. As a result, it is possible to spend time outside throughout the year, including periods of cold weather. Throughout the house, the contemporary design is reflected in the use of high quality materials to create a light and airy atmosphere. The use of reclaimed beams, tongue and groove, and a ship's ladder are subtle references to shipbuilding and the sea, and lead to the widow's walk, where the owners can watch the night sky or enjoy the view of the ocean. An open rafter tail and a special cut have been designed into the balcony roofs in order to provide visual interest. Practicality and privacy T he street side of the house serves as the entrance and was designe d to accommodate the utilitarian functions of the house. The garage connects to the house via a breezeway and there is an additional utility room. Glazer designed the entrance to facilitate everyday activities, such as taking off shoes and coats, bringing in groceries, and receiving deliveries. While the view of the water is immediate from the moment you enter the house, a slight dip in the floor level maintains privacy for those sitting in the living room. “My goal as an architect is to make my clients' houses really usable in every way, shape and form. I try to think of all the possibilities I can design to answer their lifestyle needs. In the case of this house on Aqua Drive, my clients are from California and are accustomed to a very outdoor lifestyle. They prefer to eat outside as much as possible, so I thought of ways I could design the house to prolong that for them well past the summer months.” ​ – Pamela Glazer

  • East 2nd Street | Pamela Glazer Architect

    East 2nd Street Size: 400 Sq Ft 1 bedroom Location: New York City, NY Contractor: Blair Dibble Builders ​ Interior design solutions transform a downtown Manhattan a partm e nt When a small East Village apartment in NYC was bought for a very low price, it soon became obvious why. The list of problems and design flaws was endless, and included no gas connection for the stove, a toilet built halfway into a wall and numerous structural issues. It takes a lot of skill, drive, and commitment to tackle projects like this. An architect like Pamela Glazer is capable of devising modern and innovative solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems and creating great interior designs. Glazer resolved all structural and functional problems before renovating this dilapidated New York apartment into a sleek, modern one-bedroom. With clever design, Glazer created an apartment that achieves some practical luxury within a downtown lifestyle by including a walk-in closet, zinc countertops in the kitchen and a full bathroom with washer and dryer (which is an uncommon luxury in New York apartments). The overall result made the initial investment well worthwhile and has proven to be a great apartment for living in. ​ ​

  • News and Features | Pamela Glazer Architect

    News and Publications Click on the images to link to news articles about us. Download a PDF of the article Download a PDF of the article Download a PDF of the article Download a PDF of the article Download a PDF of the article Download a PDF of the article

  • Moses Lane | Pamela Glazer Architect

    Moses Lane Size: 3200 Sq Ft Plot: .35 acre Location: Southampton, NY Contractor: Blair Dibble Builder Reclaimed Beams from Keystone Vintage Lumber ​ Contemporary architecture that blends traditional and modern elements As part of her architectural and construction practice, Pamela Glazer built the house on Moses Lane in Southampton Village. The narrow lot on which the previous house stood had certain requirements for the proposed building, including maintaining a historic appearance and footprint. In addition, the property had to be set back from the road. A blend of traditional and modern aesthetics makes the house stand out architecturally despite the restrictions imposed by the planning department in the area. The house was designed to fit into a long, narrow plot and Glazer sought to bring as much light as possible into the kitchen and dining areas. There are many large commercial windows in the house, both for their character as well as for their ability to allow more natural light into the central areas of the house as a whole. The interior design features a mix of contemporary and traditional elements that are a signature style of Pamela Glazer's architecture. The rustic vintage beams that provide structure to the house are offset by the stone-clad fireplace that can be seen from both the dining room and living room. ​ ​ Design for living and entertaining It is primarily an open space on the first floor with screens that have an echo of Japanese aesthetics. These screens facilitate the enclosure of certain areas, such as the kitchen, for entertaining purposes. The pool is also designed to fit the unique narrow plot and has been made more usable by creating a wading area with built-in benches and a swimming area that is longer. ​ It was later acquired by a private individual who told Glazer that, after viewing a number of other properties, this was by far the only one that caught their attention and stood out in many aspects. They were impressed with the property's layout and amenities. They felt that out of all the properties they had viewed, this one was the most suitable and had the potential to meet all of their needs. ​ ​ ​

  • Jefferson Road | Pamela Glazer Architect

    Jefferson Road Size: 2000 Sq Ft Plot: .25 acre Location: Montauk, NY Contractor: Blair Dibble Builder A young client wanted a casual, relaxed style for the architectural renovation of their newly purchased house. They were seeking a style that reflected the lifestyle and surf culture of Montauk, while keeping building costs down. A significant challenge arose from the fact that the house had been constructed of two prefabricated houses that had been joined together but were starting to separate. The chimney was also in danger of collapsing, so a lot of work was needed to regain the structural integrity of the house. While surveying the roof of the house, Pamela Glazer was able to see the ocean, which inspired her to incorporate a roof deck with a staircase leading to it. In Glazer's opinion, if a water view is possible from the house, it should be integrated into its architectural design if possible. The architectural redesign included an enclosed entrance with a porch and foyer for practical things such as coats, shoes and sports equipment to be left. In the light and bright open-plan living area, there are l arge industrial windows. These windows have been painted a beautiful shade of blue, evoking the seaside. They allow a great deal of natural light to enter the room and provide a wonderful view of the magnificent tree that resides outside the house. ​ ​ An 'outer bump-out' in the bathroom enabled a freestanding bath to be installed with a customised pebble inlay on the surrounding floor. These pebbles were cut to fit into the wood floor, giving the floor a beautiful transition between natural materials. There is a den on the top floor which can be used primarily as a lounge room during the day. This can be transformed into a spare bedroom during the night with plenty of privacy via the sliding doors overlooking the living room. Every room of the house has harmonious yet thoughtful design elements, creating a peaceful and calm atmosphere ideal for weekend getaways in Montauk.

  • Client Testimonials | Pamela Glazer Architect

    Client Testimonials We moved into the house on Saturday morning and spent the weekend. It is absolutely breathtaking. Your design is truly stunning, and we couldn’t be happier. Can’t wait to have you back when completely done and a champagne toast is in order! The sightlines are exactly as we had hoped. The flow of the house is perfect. We are extremely pleased. – Brad and Jenn Wolk Thank you for all the work on our house, for entertaining all my crazy ideas, and for just getting what I was aiming for. My daughter took a look at the pond this weekend and felt strongly that she does NOT want a walkway or a bridge across the pond. Lovely as this idea seemed to all of us, to her it would disrupt the beauty of the pond. So we won't be building it after all. What's especially charming about her decision is that she and her fiancée had spent some time sitting on the deck by themselves asking what they would change about the house. "Nothing" is what they concluded. "It really is perfect as it is." Quite a compliment to the architect and the builder, and even to her parents. So, she asked, why change the pond if it's perfect? That's why she wanted to get married at the house in the first place...because it's perfect. — Rob Levy The house has risen to the challenge of supporting us in its new role as pandemic bunker in a way we never could have expected. From a practical standpoint, we found that the house possessed an ergonomic simplicity that enabled us to seamlessly transition to a full time live-work scenario. The house has literally calmed us as the world outside seemed to fall apart, providing a radiant soothing energy that is literally helping us get through the day. We find ourselves thinking about our house, our home, with tremendous gratitude to it – and to Pam for her design vision. – Michael Marton and Joseph Barretto

  • Shinnecock Hills | Pamela Glazer Architect

    Shinnecock Hills–under construction Size: 5500 Sq Ft Plot: .5 acre 6 bedrooms Location: Shinnecock Hills, Southampton, NY Contractor: Blair Dibble Builder ​ It was the clients' desire to have a large modern home for entertaining in the Hamptons. It will have six bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms, an open plan kitchen, dining, and living area. A primary bedroom with an office, a walk-in closet, and a luxury bathroom. A stunning view of the water can be enjoyed from every floor. The roof deck view is spectacular. A double-height music room was designed specifically for their large Steinway piano and includes a hanging fireplace. Additionally, the pool area includes an outdoor kitchen/bar pool house and an outdoor shower for an exceptional lifestyle. ​ ​ The site presented significant challenges due to the existing foundation and framing of an abandoned architectural project from ten years ago. Upon examination of the foundations, Glazer discovered that they were not square and designed with a series of odd angles. After adjusting the previous foundation designs, she was able to fulfill the clients' request to expand the existing site to accommodate the larger footprint. Pamela Glazer used environmentally friendly materials such as recycled cement panels which she framed with wood to soften the look.

  • Our Architectural Team | Pamela Glazer Architect

    Our Architectural Team Award winning architect Pamela Glazer began her firm in 2005, and since then has risen to prominence as one of the East End’s most sought-after architects, known for her impeccable aesthetic with a focus on environmentally thoughtful designs. She specializes in both residential and commercial work, and uniquely combines elements of both modern and traditional design. She has a wide scope of projects including: custom homes, restaurants, offices, retail space, schools, libraries, theaters, multiple unit housing, and hospitality. A triathlete, she also plays golf and tennis, and enjoys hiking in remote places including Bhutan in the Himalayas, northern Patagonia, and the Arctic Circle in Norway. She has an Architecture degree from the University of Maryland. Jason Bottiglieri, Project Architect, began his architecture career as an intern for Pamela Glazer in 2017. He holds a degree in Architecture from the New York Institute of Technology. He appreciates working for a broad spectrum of clients and listening to their views. He recently created a project, Disaster Relife, a modern, affordable prefab single-unit housing system that uses green building materials. Easily ordered by an app, the project is designed to help communities rebuild quickly from natural disasters. Download a PDF of Jason's project here . Eileen McWilliams, Office Director, holds a B.A. and M.A. degree from the University of Florida. With more than 20 years of experience working in project management and building, she has a deep knowledge of how to fast track projects. Eileen also has worked for the Town of Southampton and understands the workings of town government. She loves helping clients realize their visions and seeing their delighted reactions when they step into their newly completed homes for the first time.

  • River Avenue | Pamela Glazer Architect

    River Avenue Pamela Glazer uses her architectural skills to identify the most suitable solutions for her clients when they need their home to be redesigned. In order to make the most of her limited budget, the owner of River Avenue was open to being playful and creative with the renovation. ​ There are a number of houses in the Hamptons that were constructed as kit homes and development projects during the 1970s and 1980s. Contractors built the house for a quick profit, with almost no regard to where it was situated on the plot of land. ​ The property on River Avenue was built along wetlands, with a koi pond at the rear of the property. The front door and driveway were on the opposite sides of the house and there were some very clumsy aspects to the overall appearance and function. The entire three-bedroom house was renovated to a modern architectural standard that also reflected the unique charm of the owner. A new spacious entrance foyer was built, and the bathroom was bumped out to accommodate a full size bath. A wraparound deck was added to the edge of the revegetated wetlands. The interior for the house reflects the client's desire for a fun and funky interior with lots of color and unconventional furnishings. As the previous owner had recently carpeted the stairway with leopard print, and the budget was tight, it was decided to leave that as a talking point until a later date when it could be replaced. One of the most satisfying aspects of the project was to remediate the vegetation outside the house, first by removing the koi pond (and rehoming the fish) and planting appropriately for the wetland environment with wild plants that would thrive and help with conservation efforts. ​ It was due to the remediation that permission was granted to build the deck, which, in conjunction with the planting, creates a delightful and relaxing outdoor space. ​ ​ Plot: 1 acre Location: Eastport, NY 3 bedrooms Contractor: Blair Dibble Builders ​ ​

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