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Aqua Drive


Size: 6500 Sq Ft

Plot: .5 acre

5 bedrooms

Location: Shinnecock Hills, NY

Contractor: Blair Dibble Builders

Custom Kitchen Design: Moss Fauset Furniture Makers

Reclaimed Beams from Keystone Vintage Lumber

Architectural luxury


This traditional Hamptons style waterfront home blends modern architectural luxury with reclaimed wood beams to create a relaxed environment for living and entertaining.  

Pamela Glazer designed the house for clients who value an outdoor lifestyle, and ensured that the sea views were maximized while maintaining an exceptional level of privacy. There are balconies on all floors on the waterfront side of the house, allowing for a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors. 

Water views

A key feature of the main outdoor balcony is the sliding barn door, which can be opened and closed according to weather conditions. As a result, it is possible to spend time outside throughout the year, including periods of cold weather.


Throughout the house, the contemporary design is reflected in the use of high quality materials to create a light and airy atmosphere. The use of reclaimed beams, tongue and groove, and a ship's ladder are subtle references to shipbuilding and the sea, and lead to the widow's walk, where the owners can watch the night sky or enjoy the view of the ocean. An open rafter tail and a special cut have been designed into the balcony roofs in order to provide visual interest.


Practicality and privacy


The street side of the house serves as the entrance and was designed to accommodate the utilitarian functions of the house. The garage connects to the house via a breezeway and there is an additional utility room. Glazer designed the entrance to facilitate everyday activities, such as taking off shoes and coats, bringing in groceries, and receiving deliveries.


While the view of the water is immediate from the moment you enter the house, a slight dip in the floor level maintains privacy for those sitting in the living room. 


“My goal as an architect is to make my clients' houses really usable in every way, shape and form. I try to think of all the possibilities I can design to answer their lifestyle needs.


In the case of this house on Aqua Drive, my clients are from California and are accustomed to a very outdoor lifestyle. They prefer to eat outside as much as possible, so I thought of ways I could design the house to prolong that for them well past the summer months.”

– Pamela Glazer

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