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Far Pond

Size: 5000 Sq Ft

Plot: .75 acre

Location: Southampton, NY

Reclaimed Beams from Keystone Vintage Lumber

5 bedrooms

Architecture for water front conservation


Owners of a modest 1960s cottage in Southampton had ambitious plans to transform their property into a luxurious waterfront home for their family, and were seeking the right architect.

When architect Pamela Glazer got their call, she toured the site and was astonished that the original small house had no waterfront views. Considering the limitations created by the wetland setbacks, Glazer had to develop a thoughtful plan to increase the size of the home. This plan ensured that all prominent rooms would have a water view and the best of contemporary architecture and modern convenience.


Through design and construction, the waterfront was enhanced by removing as many impervious surfaces as possible to maintain the conservation of the water front and the plant life.

The resulting 5,000 square-foot home kept the original footprint of the previous small house, the existing pool, pool house and garage.  What had been the small house was rebuilt to become the main living and dining space and further extensions increased the home to three times its original size.


The best of contemporary and rustic design

In the newly constructed larger house, a deck surrounds the two-story living room, enhancing the water view. Beams from an old barn were used in the construction of the living room, which has a rustic fireplace and a soaring tongue and groove ceiling. Luxurious contemporary features and furnishings throughout the house add comfort to the enlarged house with five bedrooms and four and a half baths. The pool has an updated pool house with trellis and gardens. 

The highly integrated and seamlessly designed house delighted the family. One of their special pleasures is looking out at the bay from the expansive windows in the living area and bedrooms. 

“The water became an integral part of the living experience, and it is possible to see views of the water from all sides of the living room. It’s as if the sun sets in the room”

– Pamela Glazer

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