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Center Street

Size: 2700 Sq Ft

Plot: .5 acre

Location: North Sea – Southampton, NY

Contractor: Blair Dibble Builder

A busy couple needed help renovating their one-bedroom house and sought a contemporary residential architect. In addition to the sentimental attachment to their home, the owners wanted to maintain two majestic Holly trees on the property.


As Pamela Glazer planned and designed the project, she discovered that the nearby development was built on swampy ground with heavy clay soil. This led to water draining directly onto the client's property. In order to address the issues of water drainage and to maintain the trees, the renovation plans became increasingly complex and potentially expensive. Ultimately, Glazer and the clients decided it was better to tear down the original house (while retaining the Holly trees) and start over.


As a solution to the drainage issue, Pamela Glazer constructed a pond and filled it with fish and plants. Along with the tiered decks, this became a key feature of the clients' garden, where they could enjoy morning coffee and evening dinners with fish swimming over to them.  


The clients told Glazer that they had chosen her as their architect based on her taste and wanted her to make all architectural and interior design decisions. As a testament to their faith in her, they did not visit the site until the entire project was completed. 


The finished house is divided into two wings: the living room and kitchen on one side, the bedrooms on the other. The two wings are connected by a breezeway flanked by two Holly trees, with an entrance and roof deck overlooking the water. 


Glazer was able to source lighting, furnishings and commission bespoke kitchen cabinets that made full use of the clients' limited budget. As a result of her selections, she was able to provide them with the aesthetic impact they were looking for.


When the clients visited the house for the first time, they were overwhelmed by how much it exceeded their expectations. They have been very happy with their new home and relaxing life.

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