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Rhum Restaurant

Seats: 147 seats

Size: 5500 Sq Ft

Location: Patchogue, NY

Contractor: Atlantic Contracting - Dave Seiglinger

Patchogue is known for its vibrant nightlife. What was once a two-story Thai restaurant was bought and converted into a Caribbean themed restaurant called Rhum. 


The owner of Rhum wanted a restaurant that was playful, fun and full of life with music traveling throughout the building. There is a sense of openness throughout the building's design, allowing fun and music to flow from the ground level all the way up to the roof space, as well as allowing lovely light to penetrate all the way down to the ground floor through the large skylight. 


The first floor facade was changed to have two large garage doors, allowing the tables to extend onto the sidewalk during the summer. Rhum was the first restaurant in Patchogue to have a rooftop dining area, designed by Pamela Glazer, and it has since proven to be extremely successful. The rooftop dining area provided customers with an entirely novel dining experience, which was well-received by the local community and resulted in increased revenue for the restaurant.


Glazer knew that an essential part of the design was to ensure that the kitchen was able to facilitate quick turnover times as well as the handling of a large volume of food for the three-story building. Consequently, the kitchen was designed to maximize efficiency and accommodate high demand. 


Glazer created a color scheme that complimented the owner's sea, sun, and surf theme. She achieved this goal by combining warm and cool colors to capture the atmosphere of the restaurant, creating a space that people would want to linger in. 


The unpretentious and relaxed vibe of the restaurant along with its fantastic drinks and food has kept the restaurant busy at all times of the day and night. 

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