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East 2nd Street

Size: 400 Sq Ft

1 bedroom

Location: New York City, NY

Contractor: Blair Dibble Builders

Interior design solutions transform a downtown Manhattan apartment  


When a small East Village apartment in NYC was bought for a very low price, it soon became obvious why. The list of problems and design flaws was endless, and included no gas connection for the stove, a toilet built halfway into a wall and numerous structural issues.

It takes a lot of skill, drive, and commitment to tackle projects like this. An architect like Pamela Glazer is capable of devising modern and innovative solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems and creating great interior designs. 

Glazer resolved all structural and functional problems before renovating this dilapidated New York apartment into a sleek, modern one-bedroom. With clever design, Glazer created an apartment that achieves some practical luxury within a downtown lifestyle by including a walk-in closet, zinc countertops in the kitchen and a full bathroom with washer and dryer (which is an uncommon luxury in New York apartments).

The overall result made the initial investment well worthwhile and has proven to be a great apartment for living in.


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