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East 10th Street

Size: 1400 Sq Ft

2 Bedrooms

Location: Greenwich Village, New York City

Contractor: Conte Builders - Nova Miroita

Architectural interior design


Pamela Glazer provided contemporary interior design as well as a total refurbishment of this two-bedroom apartment located in Manhattan's downtown district. Previously, this property was owned by the client's mother, who passed it on to her daughter. Her mother was a prominent figure in the New York art world. After living in the apartment since the 1960s, she decided to move on to a new home and a new life.


Throughout her life, the client's mother led a very eclectic and bohemian lifestyle that included collecting and traveling. After taking possession of the space, the client immediately noticed that it was in urgent need of renovation. Although her mother had filled the apartment with numerous wonderful modern artworks, it was in poor condition. The walls were painted in intense primary colors, and the utilities were in need of upgrading.


Modernising a New York apartment


The kitchen was opened up into the living area to make for a more light-filled and social space for cooking and entertaining. The bathroom was given a thorough and elegant makeover with a full bath installed for added luxury. The guest bedroom and bath were separated for privacy.


Furniture and decor were selected in sophisticated shades of black, white and neutrals to create a serene and calm atmosphere to display the owner's art collection. The fire surround was stripped with meticulous care, and the chimney breast was covered with leather tiles. The cat's litter tray was housed in a cupboard, and a design feature hole was cut into the door for easy access. 


The result is an elegant apartment fit for the twenty-first century and cats.

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