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River Avenue

Pamela Glazer uses her architectural skills to identify the most suitable solutions for her clients when they need their home to be redesigned. In order to make the most of her limited budget, the owner of River Avenue was open to being playful and creative with the renovation.

There are a number of houses in the Hamptons that were constructed as kit homes and development projects during the 1970s and 1980s. Contractors built the house for a quick profit, with almost no regard to where it was situated on the plot of land. 

The property on River Avenue was built along wetlands, with a koi pond at the rear of the property. The front door and driveway were on the opposite sides of the house and there were some very clumsy aspects to the overall appearance and function. 

The entire three-bedroom house was renovated to a modern architectural standard that also reflected the unique charm of the owner. A new spacious entrance foyer was built, and the bathroom was bumped out to accommodate a full size bath. A wraparound deck was added to the edge of the revegetated wetlands. 

The interior for the house reflects the client's desire for a fun and funky interior with lots of color and unconventional furnishings. As the previous owner had recently carpeted the stairway with leopard print, and the budget was tight, it was decided to leave that as a talking point until a later date when it could be replaced.


One of the most satisfying aspects of the project was to remediate the vegetation outside the house, first by removing the koi pond (and rehoming the fish) and planting appropriately for the wetland environment with wild plants that would thrive and help with conservation efforts.  

It was due to the remediation that permission was granted to build the deck, which, in conjunction with the planting, creates a delightful and relaxing outdoor space.

Plot: 1 acre

Location: Eastport, NY

3 bedrooms

Contractor: Blair Dibble Builders

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