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Cowfish Restaurant

Size: Main Restaurant – 300 seats, Pavilion Bar – 30 seats

Location: Hampton Bays, NY

Polygal translucent roof

Architectural solutions for a Hamptons restaurant 

An example of how contemporary architecture can create an iconic landmark and social destination is the open-air pavilion of Cowfish Restaurant, located in Hampton Bays. 

The owners of Cowfish restaurant required a major renovation and redesign of the main building which was in a state of disrepair and had been leaking heavily.


In addition, they desired to develop an open-air architectural space that would serve as a bar during the summer months, so customers could take advantage of the scenic waterfront views.

Surrounded by water on 3 sides of the Shinnecock Canal, Pamela Glazer’s architecture for the pavilion reflects the design of the boats docked nearby. 


Innovative design and materials


In order to make the building hurricane-proof, it needed innovative materials that could withstand winds of up to 130 mph without walls. 

Due to the integrity of the design and the materials used, both Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Ida were no match for the structure and it remained intact. 

While the entire bar is open during operation, it can be locked and watertight after hours and during the off season. All the ceiling and side panels are translucent, allowing this nightspot to shine like a beacon after dark.

There is no doubt that The Cowfish has become one of the most popular bars and restaurants in the Hamptons, with its great drinks, food, and exceptional views provided within a striking architectural setting.

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