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Hog Creek

Size: 3000 Sq Ft

Plot: 1 acre

Location: East Hampton - The Springs, NY

Contractor: Cobra Construction

Pamela Glazer's residential renovations in the Hamptons often present unique challenges. Originally, the house at Hog Creek possessed some peculiar attributes that were neither functionally relevant nor aesthetically pleasing. It was Glazer's innovative architectural solutions that transformed the property into a home that provided practical and stunning living spaces for the owners and their young family.


Built off-plan in the 1970s or 1980s, the original house appeared to have been constructed front-to-back to accommodate a swimming pool while remaining compliant with building codes at the time. Due to the fact that no changes were made to the design of the house during construction, the front door could only be accessed by climbing over the diving board of the swimming pool.


The front entrance of the house is now located on the opposite side of the house, with a porch and a very clear pathway leading to it. With the addition of a large deck that wraps around the back, water views can now be enjoyed from the comfort of the house.


Two bump outs that face the pool were originally interior closets. Glazer reversed them into external storage cupboards for the pool. A double door between them leads to the kitchen, making it possible for the owner to keep an eye on the children while they are in the pool. Additionally, the pool house was renovated with an ice cream bar to provide a fun place for them to play and enjoy the summer.


Innovative architecture for a versatile lifestyle


A stunning double-height living room has been transformed from what was previously the house's entrance. Sliding doors make it possible to completely close off the double-height space to create a spare bedroom, or for more privacy in the other living area if the children are playing or watching television. It is a versatile space that is perfect for both entertaining guests and enjoying daily family life at the same time. It also allows a view of the Creek all the way through the house.


The house is topped by a cupola, which distributes light throughout the center of the house. The second floor landing has been converted into a comfortable reading area for children, taking advantage of natural light and providing a comfortable space for them to read.  


In contrast to the original house, which lacked a sense of order and had absurd features such as balconies facing the neighbors instead of the water, Pamela Glazer has created a charming and delightful family home and lifestyle for her clients. 

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