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About Pamela Glazer, Architect

Pamela Glazer has risen to prominence as one of the East End’s most sought-after architects, known for her impeccable aesthetic with a focus on environmentally thoughtful designs. Her innovative approach to architecture combines elements of both modern and traditional design, with a unique ability to integrate them both as well as sustainability into her plans.  

Inspired by the beauty of the Hamptons, Ms. Glazer carefully consider a site’s light and views, aiming to situate a building to take the best advantage of nature’s assets. Without a need to proclaim a singular style, Glazer is free to incorporate the requests and tastes of her clients into the final plan. Glazer and her team tailor spaces to the lifestyle of those who will live and work there, offering service at a level above and beyond client expectations.

With an environmental consciousness, Ms. Glazer often repurposes materials to stunning effect. Clients call her a creative visionary; Glazer says she is just looking to “make some magic happen.”

The firm has designed residences and commercial spaces, all of which provide dynamic designs that offer the opportunity for a better way of living. Her scope of work includes: custom homes, restaurants, offices, retail space, schools, libraries and hospitality. Projects have been featured in The New York Times, Hamptons Magazine, Beach, Curbed Hamptons, Dan’s Papers, and The East Hampton Star, among others. In 2021, she was voted “Best of the Best” in Dan’s Papers for South Fork Architect.

Portrait of Pamela Glazer

Design approach 

Pamela Glazer begins her process with a visit to the client’s current home. She asks thoughtful questions about the client’s priorities and lifestyle. Discussing seemingly small details – be it having coffee in the morning or bringing in the groceries – is part of her perceptive and clever approach to defining solutions that highlight the power of great design to support comfort and ease. She offers skilled perceptions about the larger issues, such as outdoor entertaining or maintaining a home office, which have become so relevant.

Acutely aware of the landscape where the home will be situated, Ms. Glazer studies the terrain to develop the most thoughtful positioning of the home, one that incorporates the beauty and elemental features of the natural setting. With her research completed, Ms. Glazer and her team tailor a design that is in sync with how the client actually lives – and with their hopes and dreams for the future. She will also work to develop a sustainable home, one that will seamlessly save energy costs in the long run.


Pamela Glazer's architecture studio
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