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Jefferson Road

Size: 2000 Sq Ft

Plot: .25 acre

Location: Montauk, NY

Contractor: Blair Dibble Builder

A young client wanted a casual, relaxed style for the architectural renovation of their newly purchased house. They were seeking a style that reflected the lifestyle and surf culture of Montauk, while keeping building costs down.


A significant challenge arose from the fact that the house had been constructed of two prefabricated houses that had been joined together but were starting to separate. The chimney was also in danger of collapsing, so a lot of work was needed to regain the structural integrity of the house. 


While surveying the roof of the house, Pamela Glazer was able to see the ocean, which inspired her to incorporate a roof deck with a staircase leading to it. In Glazer's opinion, if a water view is possible from the house, it should be integrated into its architectural design if possible.


The architectural redesign included an enclosed entrance with a porch and foyer for practical things such as coats, shoes and sports equipment to be left. In the light and bright open-plan living area, there are large industrial windows. These windows have been painted a beautiful shade of blue, evoking the seaside. They allow a great deal of natural light to enter the room and provide a wonderful view of the magnificent tree that resides outside the house.  


An 'outer bump-out' in the bathroom enabled a freestanding bath to be installed with a customised pebble inlay on the surrounding floor. These pebbles were cut to fit into the wood floor, giving the floor a beautiful transition between natural materials. 


There is a den on the top floor which can be used primarily as a lounge room during the day. This can be transformed into a spare bedroom during the night with plenty of privacy via the sliding doors overlooking the living room.


Every room of the house has harmonious yet thoughtful design elements, creating a peaceful and calm atmosphere ideal for weekend getaways in Montauk. 

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