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Moses Lane

Size: 3200 Sq Ft

Plot: .35 acre

Location: Southampton, NY

Contractor: Blair Dibble Builder

Reclaimed Beams from Keystone Vintage Lumber

Contemporary architecture that blends traditional and modern elements


As part of her architectural and construction practice, Pamela Glazer built the house on Moses Lane in Southampton Village. The narrow lot on which the previous house stood had certain requirements for the proposed building, including maintaining a historic appearance and footprint. In addition, the property had to be set back from the road. A blend of traditional and modern aesthetics makes the house stand out architecturally despite the restrictions imposed by the planning department in the area. 


The house was designed to fit into a long, narrow plot and Glazer sought to bring as much light as possible into the kitchen and dining areas. There are many large commercial windows in the house, both for their character as well as for their ability to allow more natural light into the central areas of the house as a whole.


The interior design features a mix of contemporary and traditional elements that are a signature style of Pamela Glazer's architecture. The rustic vintage beams that provide structure to the house are offset by the stone-clad fireplace that can be seen from both the dining room and living room.


Design for living and entertaining


It is primarily an open space on the first floor with screens that have an echo of Japanese aesthetics. These screens facilitate the enclosure of certain areas, such as the kitchen, for entertaining purposes.


The pool is also designed to fit the unique narrow plot and has been made more usable by creating a wading area with built-in benches and a swimming area that is longer. 

It was later acquired by a private individual who told Glazer that, after viewing a number of other properties, this was by far the only one that caught their attention and stood out in many aspects. They were impressed with the property's layout and amenities. They felt that out of all the properties they had viewed, this one was the most suitable and had the potential to meet all of their needs.

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