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Client Testimonials

We moved into the house on Saturday morning and spent the weekend. It is absolutely breathtaking. Your design is truly stunning, and we couldn’t be happier. Can’t wait to have you back when completely done and a champagne toast is in order! The sightlines are exactly as we had hoped. The flow of the house is perfect. We are extremely pleased. – Brad and Jenn Wolk

Thank you for all the work on our house, for entertaining all my crazy ideas, and for just getting what I was aiming for. My daughter took a look at the pond this weekend and felt strongly that she does NOT want a walkway or a bridge across the pond. Lovely as this idea seemed to all of us, to her it would disrupt the beauty of the pond. So we won't be building it after all. What's especially charming about her decision is that she and her fiancée had spent some time sitting on the deck by themselves asking what they would change about the house. "Nothing" is what they concluded. "It really is perfect as it is."  Quite a compliment to the architect and the builder, and even to her parents. So, she asked, why change the pond if it's perfect? That's why she wanted to get married at the house in the first place...because it's perfect. — Rob Levy

The house has risen to the challenge of supporting us in its new role as pandemic bunker in a way we never could have expected. From a practical standpoint, we found that the house possessed an ergonomic simplicity that enabled us to seamlessly transition to a full time live-work scenario. The house has literally calmed us as the world outside seemed to fall apart, providing a radiant soothing energy that is literally helping us get through the day. We find ourselves thinking about our house, our home, with tremendous gratitude to it – and to Pam for her design vision. – Michael Marton and Joseph Barretto

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