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Yamuna Studio

Size: 3000 Sq Ft

Location: Greenwich Village, New York City

Interior design of wellness studio in NYC


A serendipitous meeting with Pamela Glazer and the owner of Yamuna Studio led to Glazer designing her new wellness space in New York City. 


The client's remarkable bodywork involves using specialized therapy balls to treat specific body parts. Yamuna's owner sought to expand her business and found a converted car garage in Manhattan to be the ideal location. The facility was converted to include a large studio, two small studios, three treatment rooms with dressing rooms, an office, a full kitchen, and lockers with showers for men and women.


The concept of the studio design was to reflect the bodywork journey, such as the circular entryway where clients would enter from one direction and exit from another. Glazer chose to display the therapy balls as sculptures in the entrance lobby as they are indicative of the specialist type of body work in the studio. The main hallway had a curving wall that had a tight bend at the beginning. It gradually became longer and wider as it continued, mimicking the unfolding of muscles during the treatment process.


The owner loved Jerusalem stone, which was used extensively in the studio flooring. Areas that would see a great deal of foot traffic were protected with cork cut to the edges of the stone. The studio was very popular and helped many people achieve long-term wellness.

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